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Exhibition in PARIS 2023

The project “Creation as Dialogue” will be participating in the international lifestyle exhibition “Maison & Objet” held in Paris, France, as an opportunity to connect the cultures of craftsmanship between Nagoya and Europe and showcase our products on an international stage.

Lacquerware, cloisonné, shibori dyeing, kuromontsuki-zome, setsumon, hina dolls, seal carving, sanbo, and butsudan altars.
These ancient crafts have endured the test of time as revered traditions in the Nagoya region, at the very core of a rich cultural legacy. They have been meticulously preserved throughout the ages, symbolizing the craftsmanship and expertise of skilled artisans. Embracing our daily lives with their vibrant hues, offering a conduit for devout prayers, and symbolizing a profound connection to our ancestral roots, these time-hon- ored crafts have been cherished and utilized with great care, holding a special place in our cultural heri- tage.

In this project, we have collaborated with three designers thriving on the international stage with Europe as their creative hub: Sawako Furukawa (formerly of Bottega Veneta), Daisuke Hirabayashi (formerly of Herzog & de Meuron), and Kodo Nawa (formerly of Van Cleef & Arpels). Together with ten local companies, the custodians of traditional industries deeply rooted in the Nagoya region, we have embarked on a creative journey.

By blending the boundless creativity of Europe with the craftsmanship that lies at the heart of Nagoya, we have given birth to a collection of products that embody the synergy between these two cultural spheres. These products, meticulously crafted by artisans, exude a warmth that comes from human touch. Their refined designs showcase the pinnacle of sophistication, instilling a sense of freshness and awe in our everyday lives.

The exceptional skills nurtured in the Nagoya region are a rare manifestation of beauty that can only be created by human hands. They represent the profound spirituality intertwined with the essence of crafts- manship. In today’s society, where excessive consumption and the pursuit of efficiency often dominate, the “culture of handicraft” enlightens us to its fundamental value. This “culture of handicraft” is currently facing challenges to transmit to their skills to successors, leading to its gradual decline. Regrettably, the meticu- lous craftsmanship of artisans who strive for continuous improvement on a daily basis has had little oppor- tunity to showcase the true essence of its beauty outside of Nagoya.

Building on the success of the test marketing conducted at the historic passage “Galerie Vivienne” in Paris during 2022’s Paris Fashion Week, we are pleased to announce our participation in the prestigious “Maison & Objet,” from September 7th to 11th. Through dialogue with different cultural spheres, we aim to create continuity and circulation within this craftsmanship, forging a new future.

Creation as DIALOGUE
Organized by the City of Nagoya, this project aims to support the overseas marketing of traditional indus- tries. By reexamining the techniques and identity of traditional industry stakeholders from new perspec- tives, we seek to transform their value, foster innovation through craftsmanship, and explore new sales channels.

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