Creation as DIALOGUE

The “Creation as DIALOGUE” project, sponsored by the City of Nagoya to support the overseas marketing of traditional industries, is designed to help bearers of traditional industries rooted in Nagoya to communicate their value to the world while utilizing their skills and identity.

Nagoya and the Chubu region, where the soil of craftsmanship created by a rich culture has been formed since ancient times, continues to pass on traditional skills and spirituality to this day. This project will focus on the exceptional skills and attitude toward manufacturing that are unique to Nagoya, the center of Japanese craftsmanship, and which have supported the lifestyle and culture of the people of Nagoya. We will enrich people’s lives and enhance the value of the city of Nagoya by proposing and disseminating our products to the world.
Our goal is not to create new value and only introduce it to overseas markets, but to build sales channels for local craftsmanship that connect the dots and integrate it into the local culture and lifestyles of the target markets, eventually creating a rich and proud culture and industry in Nagoya through the brand and through dialogue between people and production centers around the world. We aim to create a rich and proud culture and industry in Nagoya through dialogue between people from around the world and local producers.

Project Team
Creation as DIALOGUE TEAM, Industrial Planning Office , Industry Department , Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Nagoya

Creative Director / Total Coordinator
Hiroyuki Murase (CEO/Creative Director, Suzusan Co., Ltd.)

Design Advisor
Kodo Nawa (Former Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry designer)
Sawako Furukawa (Former BOTTEGA VENETA Handbag Designer / Textile Designer)
Daisuke Hirabayashi (Former Herzog & de Meuron Designer / Architect / Photographer)

Web Designer / Photographer

STUDIO crossing

Mai Hua

Local Coordinators
Ami Nawa

Project management
Mitemo Co., Ltd.