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The history of seals dates back approximately 6,000 years. Seals engraved with personal names are used with great care at significant milestones in life to serve as a self-verification of important assets and rights. The beautifully designed characters, individually crafted by seal engravers, are “one-of-a-kind” artworks that cannot be replicated. They are created within small frames measuring around 15 millimeters.

Masuda Aya of Sumire-do had been exposed to the craftsmanship of her father, Furuhashi Hiroshi, a seal engraver, since she was a child. Combining thousands of Japanese characters such as kanji and hiragana, she has witnessed the “elegance” that arises from a beautiful balance. She pays careful attention to the fineness of lines and expresses a combination of strength and delicacy, resulting in the “aesthetic beauty” of the work. Together with Mr. Furuhashi, she produces new products with the wish to bring happiness to those who hold the seals.

Masuda Aya cherishes the “culture of the hand.” To provide a realistic texture, she presents the “INSHO JEWELRY” collection.

We have carved important words in life and transformed them into pendant necklaces. You can choose from the following 12 beautiful Japanese words according to your preference:

開華 (Bloom)
純粋 (Genuine)
幸福 (Happiness)
夢 (Dream)
覚醒 (Epiphany)
成長 (Growth)
家族 (Family)
有難う (Thank you)
永遠 (Eternity)
慈愛 (Love)
優美 (Grace)
平和 (Peace)

We offer two materials: 18K yellow gold and gold-plated silver 925. The pendant necklaces are meticulously crafted by the jewelry workshop, Charms Jewelry, in Nagoya. The character part uses Yamazakura, a unique Japanese material. Additionally, skilled artisan Mr. Nobuaki Kushida of Chiyodaya applies lacquer coating, showcasing the elegant gloss of black lacquer and the radiance of gold powder.

We aim to create new value and generate empathy. From this continuity and circulation, we hope to pass on a rich culture to future generations. We have embodied these sentiments in our jewelry. Please enjoy them for a long time to come.



Sumiredo started in Furuhashi Saneido, a seal specialist established in 1953, as a new business with the ambition to introduce the traditional Japanese craft of hand-carved seals and seal engraving to the world.

The history of seals is said to date back to the Mesopotamian civilization approximately 6,000

years ago. Then, seals traveled through Europe, the Silk Road, and China, eventually reaching Japan. Since its introduction to Japan, seals have developed into a unique cultural tradition. Seals engraved with personal surnames and names, have continued to be treasured as symbols of identity and authenticity.

The beautiful characters designed by seal engravers are works of art that are depicted in a uniquely small frame of around 15 mm. Hand-engraving important words of life and turning them into a pendant necklace has brought new life to the art of seal engraving.