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Buna Stool, Urushi Stool, Hinoki Vase

Ando Shoten has cultivated a high level of craftsmanship and expertise in the production of paper lanterns (chochin and bonbori) since its establishment in 1921, contributing to the development of Nagoya Sekku doll throughout its rich history.

“Buna Stool” is made by a woodmaster who carves out of solid wood the shape of the object using a wood-turning lathe. For “Urushi Stool” a lacquer (urushi) artisan applies several layers of lacquer, which is then polished to a mirror finish. They have a quiet presence with high functionality and creates a gentle and warm atmosphere in our daily life.

Strips of hinoki (Japanese cypress) have been bent by skilled woodmaker employing traditional Heat Bending Wood Technique to create a spherical wooden frame for “Hinoki Vase”. We have made the frames as thin as possible. Delicate lines of hinoki with dry flower arrangement brings a nature-infused appearance to any contemporary interior.



Since its foundation in 1921, Ando Shoten has cultivated own exquisite craftsmanship in the world of traditional lamps throughout the long history. With a free spirit, they tried to create as new products for interior with their techniques and materials of bonbori and chochin lanterns to fit in with modern life. The delicate techniques of tradition are utilized as highly functional and design elements in an attempt to create products that incorporate nature into modern interiors and create a gentle, warm atmosphere.

Experienced craftsmen take on the challenge of creating new products, while also repairing and restoring of items crafted in bygone eras. Among the records of 10,000 repairs, there are instances of restoring products that are as old as 200 years. Each process is carried out by a group of highly specialized and advanced skilled artisans, who are committed to carrying on tradition and developing new products.